ELD Compliance

With our Electronic Logbook Device (ELD) solution you can be safe that your are compliant, also count with an easy to use tool and personalized support in english and spanish

Why do I need a ELD?

ELDs record HOS and duty status electronically as “e-logs,” eliminating the need for paper logs or a logbook. Under the FMCSA’s ELD mandate, most commercial vehicles are required to have an ELD for this purpose.

Driver Status

Register driver status: On Duty ND, Driving, Off Duty and Sleeper

DVIR History

Track DVIR inspections history from admin panel

Violation Alerts

Receive notification when a driver is close to get into a violation


Easily generate IFTA report for tax calculations


Check daily Hour of Services logs from the driver app and backoffice panel

Easy To Use

Android and iOS app that is easy to use and has complete regulation support

What Does an ELD Do?

Vehicle information captured and transmitted by the ELD includes:

Driver information includes:

Be compliant

Order the ELD that fits your needs

Reduce risk by increasing HOS visibility

Dispatchers may simply take drivers status into consideration while planning routes to prevent Hours of Service violations with real-time insight into every driver’s records.

Simplify driver training

Drivers may select their duty status with a single click, and driving statuses update automatically depending on vehicle data, making it simple to maintain accurate e-logs.

Phone Support

Personalized customer service, because every day, America relies on Fleet People like you, and Fleet People rely on us for the technology to keep your organization moving forward.

English & Spanish


ELD service

$25 monthly fee

…do you want to be ELD compliant now?

No Contracts

Just install and pay a monthly fee while you use  the service.

No Canceletion Fee

Cancel any time, we don’t ask you any question.

No Hidden Fee

Pay only a monthly fee for each vehicle or asset that your are tracking.

Easy to install and easy to use solution

Installation service in Houston and Miami!

$190 + shipping

Plug & Play

The ELD device plug & play is a great solution for a quick and easy installation. This device plugs directly into the vehicle’s OBD port. No professional installation is required. This saves both time and money.

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Frequently Asked Question

The Dynamic Trackers team faces an array oquestions about our 
products and services with every presentation or visit to client. 
We’ve noticed some of us answering regularly  and collecting them here

Is My vehicle compatible?

Our device can be connected to the diagnostic port in most trucks. The 9-pin connector meets SAE J1939 and the 6-pin connector meets SAE 1708 and J1587 standards for serial communications in heavy-duty vehicles. Can I use the ELD without a cellular data plan? Yes. Our ELD can be used offline. However, the driver must regularly open the Elog App while connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot to share logs with their company and backup data to the servers. We recommend using the system with a cellular data plan.

How does the ELD know what duty status to use?

The ELD will only record when the truck is in motion and when it is stopped. The only duty status that the device will use is "Driving" and "On Duty Not Driving". All other duty status changes need to be made by the driver as needed.

Does the ELD record my speed?

No, speed is not recorded by the ELD. Speed data is only used to tell if the truck is in motion to set a "Driving" status. Speed data is not saved by the device.

What if I need to use my diagnostic port for maintenance purposes?

You can unplug the ELD device to free the diagnostic port for maintenance. This will not affect the ELD or your data. Remember to plug the device back in when maintenance is done.

What comes in the box when I order the ELD?

The physical ELD hardware device. A cable to connect the ELD to the vehicle’s diagnostic port. (You will have an opportunity to select 9-pin or 6-pin cables when you place your order.) Instructions for drivers and fleet managers to install the ELD and get started with the app. A vehicle sticker to inform officers that the driver is using the Dynamic Trackers Electronic Logging Device.

How does the ELD record driving time?

When the ELD detects that the vehicle is moving at more than 5 MPH, the vehicle is considered In Motion. When the vehicle returns to 0 MPH, the vehicle is considered Stationary. Driving time is automatically recorded on the driver’s log if their mobile device is connected to the ELD and they have selected the vehicle in App.

What if I find an error in my log? Can I edit my logbook?

You will have the ability edit your logs. The only events that have limited edits are drive times. But you can annotate incorrect driving time.

Does the app support team drivers?

Yes, the app supports team driving. The co-driver will have full access to the app while the driver is driving. The driver's account will be locked out while the truck is in motion for safety purposes. If drive time is accidentally logged on the co-drivers account the driving team will be able to swap the drive time to the other user.

What type of mobile devices are compatible with our LogBook system?

The Logbook App is compatible with the majority of Android and iPhone/iPad devices. For Android devices, the operating system must be 4.1 or later. For iPhone/iPad devices, the operating system must be 8.0 or later. Devices without a cellular connection can be used, however the driver should regularly connect their mobile device to the Internet via Wi-Fi to automatically synchronize and backup their data to KeepTruckin servers.