Empowering Transportation Agencies with Dynamic Transit Solutions

Enhance efficiency, tracking, and compliance with our comprehensive suite of transit technologies: Bus Stop Displays, Info Displays On-Board, Riders App, Bus Tracking, WiFi On-Board, Passenger Counter and Telematic Cam

improving public transport for passengers by optimizing systems for operators.

Dynamic Trackers is improving public transport for passengers by optimizing systems for operators. Creating a complete suite of tools that empower the operators and gives a better experience for riders.

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About Dynamic Transit System

At Dynamic Trackers, we are committed to revolutionizing public transportation by providing state-of-the-art technology solutions. Our mission is to empower transportation agencies to improve efficiency, enhance passenger experience, and ensure compliance with real-time data and analytics.

Ready to Transform Your Transit System?

Our Comprehensive Solutions

At Dynamic Transit System, we offer a suite of advanced solutions designed to transform public transportation. Here’s how each feature contributes to a seamless and efficient transit experience:

Bus Stop Display

Keep your passengers informed with real-time updates on bus arrivals and schedules through our solar-powered displays.

Info Display On-Board

Deliver crucial passenger information on-board with our dynamic display screens.

Vehicle Tracking

Utilize high-frequency GPS tracking to monitor your fleet’s movements and improve operational efficiency.

Passenger Counter

Track live occupancy and optimize your fleet’s capacity with our automated passenger counting system.

Riders App

Provide real-time vehicle locations, alerts, and estimated arrival times to keep your passengers informed and connected.

WiFi On-Board

Offer seamless internet access to your riders, enhancing their travel experience.

Telematic Cam

Ensure safety and compliance with live video recording on all vehicles.

Success Stories

City of Sunny Isles Beach

Dynamic Trackers has transformed the operations. Making the city’s Bus Stops smarter by connecting them to the transit system in real time, enhancing community service.