Using The Incorrect Driving Annotation Feature

Using The Incorrect Driving Annotation Feature
The Annotate Incorrect Driving Feature allows you to exclude the time of an automatic driving event from the hours of service calculations on your ELD. This is very helpful if you believe you received a Driving event in error. It also helps you write an explanation of the event for any inspector who reviews your logs.

To use this feature, first navigate to the Edit Logs screen and select the day containing the event that you would like to annotate. Tap the yellow ‘+’button and select ‘Annotate Incorrect Driving’ (pictured above)

Once the button has been tapped, you will be prompted to drag a marker indicating the beginning of the period of Driving you would like to exclude. You may select any point in time during the Driving event to the end of the event. To exclude the entire Driving event, slide it to the point where the grid chart first enters driving.Once you have selected the period to exclude, be sure to include a Note explaining why you believe the Driving event is incorrect. You should also provide a Reason from the dropdown list provided, which will help inspectors understand what happened. 

Once you have tapped ‘Save’ an event will appear in your Logs page indicating that you are excluding Drive time.

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