Best Dashcam video and GPS tracking for fleets

Take advantage of Integrated Video and GPS fleet tracking. With HD video, AI, and driver data, you can help limit risk and teach your drivers.

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Why do I need a Dash Cam and GPS tracker?

Video and telematics in an affordable, plug-and-play device with ADAS.

ADAS Features

Advanced Driving Assistant System

Forward collision warning

Lane departure warning

Forward vehicle proximity warning

Forward vehicle start alert

Key Features


2-in-1 device works with an existing telematics black box or without

ADAS Notifications

Most critical ADAS notifications focused on supporting, not annoying, your drivers

Safety improvement

Safety improvement and lightning-fast installation at an affordable price

Fail-safe GPS/cellular

Ensures event video is uploaded to the cloud from anywhere — even in a crash

Easy to use

Intuitive design requires very little fleet manager or driver training

Costs reductions

Opportunity to consolidate data costs under one plan

Improve Safety:

Take control of your fleet

Order the Dashcam + GPS that fits your needs and start tracking your fleet and assets

Equip your fleet for the road and ahead

It is simple to understand and use for both the driver and the fleet management. This reduces training time and, more importantly, eliminates the irritation caused by the complexity of many video telematics systems on the market today.

Get close as you need without the worry

The ADAS technology in the AP1 camera is focused on the most vital safety functions. Adjustable-sensitivity sound warnings help drivers improve their safety and performance in real time, while also providing alarm data to the cloud for fleet owner/manager monitoring and awareness.

Take control of your fleet

Order the Dashcam + GPS that fits your needs and start tracking your fleet and assets

keep your drivers moving forward

Forward vehicle start alert. If a vehicle isn’t moving, it’s practically getting the lowest gas mileage possible – 0 mpg. That instance, if the truck wheels aren’t moving but the truck is running, you’re wasting gasoline and increasing your per-gallon expenditures. So to help drivers to keep alert and reduce idle time this feature will alert the driver when he can go ahead.

Help prevent accidents from happening

These kind of technologies are projected to have the ability to avert around 40 percent of all passenger-vehicle collisions, 37 percent of injuries in passenger vehicle crashes, and 29 percent of all deaths in passenger vehicle crashes.

Take control of your fleet

Order the Dashcam + GPS that fits your needs and start tracking your fleet and assets

Help keep drivers in their own lane

Car accidents may occur for a variety of causes, including driver mistake, environmental conditions, other drivers, and driving distractions.

Plug-and-play installation

The AP1 ADAS camera installs quickly and easily. This reduces disturbance to fleet operations while also hastening system setup and outcomes.

Phone Support

Personalized customer service, because every day, America relies on Fleet People like you, and Fleet People rely on us for the technology to keep your organization moving forward.

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Dash Cam + GPS service

$54 monthly fee

…do you want to start tracking your assets and vehicle?

No Contracts

Just install and pay a monthly fee while you use  the service.

No Canceletion Fee

Cancel any time, we don’t ask you any question.

No Hidden Fee

Pay only a monthly fee for each vehicle or asset that your are tracking.

Select your GPS Tracker

a tracker for each need

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Dash Cam + GPS Tracker

The AP1 delivers video and telematics in an affordable, plug-and-play device with ADAS

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Frequently Asked Question

The Dynamic Trackers team faces an array oquestions about our 
products and services with every presentation or visit to client. 
We’ve noticed some of us answering regularly  and collecting them here

Does Dynamic Trackers have maintenance management features?

Dynamic Trackers offers monitoring of vehicle maintenance through scheduled service reminders and service history. Users will display the last oil change, tire rotation, smoke check, brake inspection, transmission flush, etc. of each car. With a scheduling module, Dynamic Trackers has vehicle maintenance software that helps fleet managers or maintenance managers to keep track of all maintenance services easily. To see a rundown of overdue repairs, there are alerts about when service is upcoming or due and reports.

How does Dynamic Trackers determine the posted speed limit for a road or highway?

To verify speed data, GPS Insight uses reliable, third-party speed data providers.

Will Dynamic Trackers work when a tracked vehicle enters an area with weak cellular service?

Dynamic Trackers continues to operate when a tracked vehicle reaches a weak or spotless cellular coverage area, while data transmission can be delayed until a stronger signal is restored

Which cellular service(s) do Dynamic Trackers tracking devices use?

Dynamic Trackers tracking devices use cellular service from AT&T.

How long does it take to install Dynamic Trackers?

The time it takes for a Dynamic Trackers device to be mounted depends on which one you select. Our Plug & Play devices plug into an OBD-II socket, which can only take a few minutes to complete. Any downtime for installation, which can take a few hours, is expected for other devices that provide a full range of features. The method of installing GPS tracking systems is well organized by Dynamic Trackers, which minimizes vehicle downtime. In order to set up a professional installation through their network of accredited third-party installers, businesses can self-install GPS tracking devices or work with the installation team. In order to help control and monitor progress throughout the process, Dynamic Trackers offers comprehensive GPS monitoring and ELD installation plans.

Does Dynamic Trackers send alerts when drivers are speeding?

Dynamic Trackers warnings alert and report speeding vehicle management, helping customers to reduce their speeding violations and dramatically improve protection.

How does Dynamic Trackers display vehicles routes?

Dynamic Trackers offers real-time location data for vehicles in many ways, including shown in time lapse videos with 3D maps as historical breadcrumbs on a map. These breadcrumbs demonstrate where cars have been travelling, how quickly they have been travelling, and more.

What mapping service does Dynamic Trackers use?

Google Maps, a Web mapping service that provides satellite imagery, traffic statistics, 3D street maps, and 360-degree street views. The 2D History Maps also provide the Street View of Google Maps, enabling fleet operators to quickly locate points of interest along the routes of trucks.

Does Dynamic Trackers send alerts when drivers are off-course?

Dynamic Trackers uses geofences to allow fleet operators to set warning trigger areas and boundaries and parameters. Information about the amount of time spent in or outside designated areas is given in reports.

What type of devices can access Dynamic Trackers?

You can access the Dynamic Trackers system and your tracking data from any smart device (desktop, tablet, smartphone) through your web browser or iOS or Android Dynamic Trackers App. With the Dynamic Trackers App, from the comfort of your smartphone, you can easily communicate with your fleet through maps, messaging, filters, and vehicle information. This helps the fleet to be controlled no matter where you are.

How are Dynamic Trackers devices installed into trucks?

Anybody from the Dynamic Trackers Installer network can install or install Dynamic Trackers devices themselves. It is vital that GPS tracking devices are properly installed; wrongly installed GPS devices can cause tracking and reporting problems. Consider the fleet size and location, internal resources of your organization and deployment schedules in order to determine whether to auto-install or install professionally.

Does Dynamic Trackers provide mapping overlays?

Including comprehensive road overlays for Google Earth, Dynamic Trackers provides multiple GPS monitoring map overlays, offering dispatchers and fleet managers more visibility into where their vehicles are located.