missionDynamic Trackers specializes in the provision of interactive, innovative and highly accurate GPS tracking software that enables real-time two-way connection between dispatchers and vehicles. For large-scale businesses coherence between vehicle statistics, workflow management and transportation schedule is both crucial and difficult to achieve. This is where Dynamic Trackers steps in to assist companies that need to stay on top of the maintenance, routing, scheduling and asset tracking of one or hundreds of vehicles.

Our GPS tracking platform is designed in a way that is both efficient and easy to navigate, fully integrated with all operational systems and mobile devices. We aim to enable mainstreaming of the entire process of vehicle, workforce and asset management for optimal day-to-day operation. All companies we work with benefit from improved workflow after implementing our software.

Dynamic Trackers – intelligent solutions for smart businesses.

From Father to Son

Dynamic Trackers was founded on a set of principles that centre on technical expertise, strict quality assurance and continuous improvement in the service we bring to our growing base of clients. Our management team provides powerful service, security and data protection and benefit from a diverse experience in alarm systems setup, mobile communications, data exchange and program management.

Born out of a son’s desire to continue his father’s legacy, Dynamic Trackers benefits from his extensive knowledge of customer relationship management and customer interaction optimization applications for the security sector, telecommunications and high-tech sectors with a particular focus on developing strategic partner relationships.